Do What You Love

Life gets busy, chaotic, and down right fucking stressful at times. I know about that all too much. During these times what is it that keeps us going? What is it that makes the hard times worth the effort? The answer is simple. Just take what little time there is and do the things that […]

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Mind Of Jett Podcast

My full time job has been busy as hell lately, and on top of that I have been working on a new project. The Mind Of Jett podcast will be coming to your favorite podcast platform very soon, so if you are a podcast listener then be sure to check it out.

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Screw Cars

To begin, yes I ride a motorcycle and love every moment. I have rode in the hot sun, and I have rode in the coldest of weather. I have rode through the down poor of rain. There isn’t much weather that I have not rode through while on two wheels. Below I am going to […]

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The Squat

I will be the first to admit I don’t understand a lot of the fads that pop up around the country, and for me the Carolina Squat is no different. I really don’t understand that bullshit. When I first head the term “Carolina Squat”, I was taking with a friend. My first thought was, “What […]

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380 Auto Is Enough

This is just a quick thought about something on my mind. In the world of concealed carry, I have heard much debate about a 380 Auto not being enough firepower for self defense. My thoughts on this debate are very simple: it’s a pile of steamy horse shit, and I do not feel under armed […]

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I Broke the Candle

I went to bed late one night recently and I broke a candle. Yes, for a few hours previous to shattering the candle into tiny pieces, I drank a lot of beer. When entering the bedroom, My drunk ass stumbled while attempting flip the light switch and knocked the candle on the floor. The act […]

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Conspiracies and Scams

There are conspiracies and scams abound. We hear about them on a daily basis. We cannot turn on the radio, watch a movie, or read a book without hearing about one or the other. We have people out there in the world that view NASA is nothing more than the greatest scam machine in the […]

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