Holy Fuck…Spaghetti Is For Dinner

When leaving work this evening, my fiancé revealed that she had made spaghetti for dinner. I love spaghetti, like most average assholes do, (and yes I consider myself an asshole), I was excited.

Before leaving, I sat in the parking lot for a moment trying to decide which podcast I should to listen to for the near hour drive home. I decided on a Joe Rogan podcast. I pushed play on my phone and listened to Joe Rogan and Alex Jones go off about aliens or some shit like that for the entire ride home.

My mind however was not really listen to the content of the podcast. Truthfully, I was doing nothing else but thinking of spaghetti.

I know it sounds crazy, but my fiancé really makes great spaghetti. She cooks for me often, and she makes some really creative meals, but her spaghetti makes the top of the list. I really love her cooking.

Well, I get home and start eating a plate of spaghetti. The plate was large and heaping with noodles, sauce, and hamburger. I make quick work of the spaghetti, and naturally so. In no time I was making a second plate.

The hours I work are about as shitty as they come. After a near 12 hour shift today, I walked through the front door around 9:20 pm. That’s when I began to eat the spaghetti. After I finished the first plate and began on the second, I heard my fiancé talking from the bedroom.

Sometimes my fiancé goes to bed before I get home. I don’t blame her, after all I do get home late.

So, from the bedroom I heard my fiancé talking to her sister on the phone. The conversation went on for a few minutes, a few times her voice was elevated, and there was some laughter. Shortly after she called me into the bedroom.

I walked into the bedroom, and yes I still holding the plate of spaghetti because I didn’t want to set it down or stop eating, so I went to the bedroom. Once there my fiancé filled me in on her conversation with her sister.

Well, the conversation with her sister was about ex wives and all such devilry that comes along with ex wives. My fiancé’s sister was out at a sporting event and her husband’s ex wife showed up. Not only did she show up, but went and sat near them and other family members. After a few minutes of sitting there the ex wife got up and left because no one was paying her any mind.

After the sporting event, my fiancé’s sister wanted to yell and start a fight with her husband over the matter. Yes, start a fight over something the ex wife did that her husband had no control over. To top it off, my fiancé’s sister knew her husband had nothing to do with the ex wife showing up and sitting next to them. My fiancé agreed and took her sister’s side.

After the story I laughed briefly while still holding my plate of spaghetti.

It’s times like this that keep me guessing on understanding the woman mind. It’s times like this that I realize I have no clue to the inter workings of the female logic.

I have come to the realization that I need someone to explain how the female mind works. A handbook or something would be nice.

I didn’t know what I was getting into tonight, but damn I loved that spaghetti.

How I feel sometimes

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