Shit From A Forklift

If anyone is expecting to hear about how I took a shit from a forklift, or for that matter, if anyone else taken a shit from a forklift, then I hate to disappoint. I, nor anyone I know, has ever taken a shit from a forklift. If anyone has I would love to hear about it, because without doubt it would be a funny story.

I will tell about the shit I did hear and see while driving a forklift. We all agree that shit stinks, so did my experience today.

A lot of my job is mundane and really nothing to talk about. Today, however, I had the chance to change my routine up a bit. When I truck showed up unannounced I took the chance to use the forklift and unload the truck.

Of course I was doing other things when this truck arrived, and I had to finish the task I was working on before I could get to the truck. Also, there is a damn rule that there has to be a ‘spotter’ to walk beside the forklift, so the ‘spotter’ has to finish up a task before we both could be free to unload the truck.

For the record, I like to use the forklift because it’s fun as hell to drive.

After everything was done, I jumped on the forklift and drove around to the truck. This is where the shit began.

As I rounded the corner nearing the truck, the truck driver was standing 50 yards away from the cab while looking all crazy. When I pulled up next to him to ask about the load on the flatbed, I saw and heard shit from a forklift.

“I have been here for 30 minutes waiting to get unloaded!” said the driver. “Why is not taking so long to get unloaded?” He had a very condescending tone and was flat out rude.

Before I go any further, I generally like truck drives. I have many friend who drive trucks for a living.

Anyway, there I was with this motherfucker. He was demanding why he wasn’t immediately unloaded.

“Well,” I said. “You know you didn’t call ahead. Your company did not tell me that you where coming to deliver. I had no idea you were arriving right now. I have many more things to do besides sit around and wait for a truck delivery that I didn’t know was coming. If I knew where delivering then I would have been ready.”

The driver went on some little rant after that. It was like listening to a whinny bitch.

I was thinking to myself toward the driver: “slow your damn roll and go suck a big dick. Clearly, you like to feel the girth of cock in your mouth. There is only enough room here for one asshole and that’s me.”

After his little whinny ass rant, I basically said in not so many words that the world does not revolve around him, he finally shut the hell up. He sat in the cab until I was done with the unload.

Why the fuck do people act like the world revolves around them? Why the hell do people think they are so damn special? Seriously did there parents not teach them the world doesn’t revolve around them? I understand that it’s not just truck drivers that act this way. Basically, people like this can be found in every profession.

I want to hear thought about people like this and why they are this way.

Let me know what you think. Feel free to drop a comment or email. I seriously want to know.

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