No Food, Drinks, Smoking, or Pets….Well, Shit

I am going to assume that we all have went to some place or another that have rules about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. Have you ever thought “what the hell?” I sure have thought about that shit.

My mind, of course, goes to why the hell are we not allowed to do certain activities at certain places. Let me explain.

For example, the picture included is from a playground at a park. Let’s dive into this shall we.

No food is allowed at the playground. Why? Seriously, is it so bad to pack sandwiches and take them to the playground? What happened for this to be a rule? What the fuck. In my mind for this to be a rule, there must have been some creepy old man walking around the park throwing fully shelled walnuts at children. Seriously, are there children out there with black eyes from tossed walnuts? One asshole fucks everything up for everyone else. Damn creepy old man.

Next, no drinks are allowed at the park. Forget the fact that being out in the hot sun will make anyone thirsty. Fuck you for being thirsty, you better not bring water to the park. They will call the cops on you over that shit. They take it seriously. Again, was there a creepy old man walking around the playground throwing bottles of water at children? Probably not, but fuck you if you are thirsty.

No smoking at the playground. Ok, that one I understand. Common sense, however, should be the rule of the day. If you have to tell a creepy old man not to walk around a playground and blow smoke in children faces, then the old man should have larger problems to worry about. He should be worried about a parent what would whip his ass for such a thing.

No pets allowed at the playground. This one is not about pets at all, but about pet owners. If you have a nice dog that loves to play and is friendly, fuck you the dog is not welcome at the playground . That’s the way the rules stands now. What the sign should say: If you have a dog that shits all over the slide, then keep your dog at home. Also, it could say: If you are an asshole and would even think about bringing an aggressive dog to the park, then you are not welcome here. See, one asshole fucks it up for everyone.

It seems to me that we are all punished because there are creepy old men who walk around playgrounds and throw fully shelled walnuts at children.

In all seriousness, don’t let stupid rules control your life. All we have to do is the right thing.

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