Water Down the Drain

Water goes down the drain. Maybe you like to pour beer down the drain, even though you should be smacked for such a sin, you enjoy doing it anyway. Maybe you like to piss down the drain, but whatever the substance, down the fucking drain it goes.

Just as water goes down the drain, so does relationships. Think about it for a minute.

Again, I could care less if you like dick in the ass, or to grind your pussy against another. I don’t care if you like dick, pussy, or feet, that’s your business. The message still applies to all.

Take a moment and reflect back to the beginning of the relationship. Back then, the relationship was so exciting and fun. You couldn’t keep your hands off each other, and you loved every moment together.

In the past you used to have sex in the back seat of car. You used to sneak into a move theater just to finger your woman. You used to go down a country back road and scream out in complete excitement. You pushed limits together and fuck as quietly as possible when there was a house full of people. In those days, everyday was bliss, but then life happened.

As time went, you and partner moved in together, and later you get married. Before you knew it, you both were too busy for whatever reason, and things fizzled away. It’s wasn’t something you saw creeping up until it was too late.

Next thing you knew, you came home one day and your woman was bitching you out for something completely stupid. You instantly went into a rage and storm out of the house. One thing lead to another and a little times passed. Next thing you knew, your woman was no longer talking to you. At this point she didn’t give a single fuck about you, and you didn’t give a single fuck about her (at least that’s what you thought then).

As time went by, you and your partner drifted apart in every way. You were no longer lovers, friends, or partners. Out of no where, (again, that’s the way it felt to you), it was discovered that your woman was getting ass fucked by the bartender at the corner bar.

It happened, your woman found another person who showed her what it felt like to be wanted.

You then found yourself having an uncomfortable conversation with your woman about where things went wrong. How did it happen? Where did things go wrong?

Whatever troubles any couples have, the breakdown is one simple thing. Yes, it really is one simple thing.

The moment a couple is doomed to fail is when the couple stops having sex. It’s that simple. Think about it, the moment your relationship failed was when you started sleeping on the couch.

No matter what disagreement you and your partner are faced with, the problem will seem smaller as long as you and your partner are having sex with each other. If you don’t believe me then try it. Any problem can be dealt with as long as the sex is still there.

Just as water goes down the drain, lack of sex will cause your relationship to go down the drain, so fuck your woman like you mean it.

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