Just a Limb From a Tree

The world holds a vast variety of trees, for many are tall, short, thick, and slender. Some trees are thick with leaves, and some are void of all but bark. Our dreams and aspirations are no different.

Dreams and aspirations are as diverse as the variety of trees. I know for some, an aspiration can be as simple as wanting to be a freaky ass party clown. Wanting to decorate the face with makeup, put on an outfit that will be the nightmare of small children for a lifetime, and make squeaky fucking ballon creatures, is someone’s desire.

If being a freaky ass clown is not your dream, perhaps being an extinct animal is what fills your thoughts. I know there are some out in the world that have dreams of being a dinosaur. Yes, there are those out there that never loose the childhood dream of being a fucking T-Rex. I see videos all the time of people running around in these costumes.

If being a T-Rex is not your forte, maybe being a pony will fill you need. Hell, there are some out there with a damn pony fetish. In New Orleans, there is a group of freaks that play dress up with pony outfits, and hold a goddamn festival. Being a pony is a dream and aspiration for many freaks.

Each of you represent a tree. Whatever your dreams and aspirations are in life, let those dreams branch out and grow. Do not, and I repeat, do not become a dead and hollow tree where limbs break off and die.

Life is too damn short not to follow your dreams. If there is something in life that you always wanted to accomplish, then wake your ass up and do it now.

Nothing is promised in life except death, so now is the time to follow after dreams. If you want to be a nightmarish clown, a fucking T-Rex, or a freaky ass leather pony, go after your dreams. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing exactly what you want.

Achieve whatever dream you have, and bitch slap anyone who tries to stop you.

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