Conspiracies and Scams

There are conspiracies and scams abound. We hear about them on a daily basis. We cannot turn on the radio, watch a movie, or read a book without hearing about one or the other.

We have people out there in the world that view NASA is nothing more than the greatest scam machine in the world. For some, NASA fabricates moon landings, mars research, and pictures, just to suck millions of dollars every day from tax payers. The way some people view NASA is a dirty whore sucking money out of a fat cock.

There are also people who believe the government is covering up alien activity on Earth. To some, aliens running around in meat suits while pretending to be humans. For many, the government is covering this shit up daily.

We do have conspiracies and scams that are large in scale, and like the dirty whore, they suck our money each month. I am talking about the dirty whore that is insurance companies.

Goddamn insurance companies are the masters of conspiracies and scams. I am going to talk about car insurance now, maybe one day I will discuss health insurance.

Let’s break this down. Each month we pay a premium for our auto insurance policy. Let’s say it’s $100 a month. I know some will be more and some will be less. So, we pay our insurance company each month as required.

For twenty years we have been good drivers, and not had any moving violations or accidents. By the end of the twenty years we have paid the dirty whore insurance company $24,000.

One day we drive to work like always, and have an accident, and we fucked up our car and need to get it repaired. We file a claim with the dirty whore insurance company. The next thing we know our premium increases if we are lucky, if not so lucky the dirty whore cancels our policy.

How the fuck did that happen? Over the past twenty years we have paid the dirty whore $24,000 to insure the motor vehicle in the event of an accident. When the accident occurs, the whore drops us. What the fuck have we been paying for the past twenty years? The dirty whore wants to suck the money out of the fat cock, and not give anything back. I guess it’s true that dirty whores don’t give refunds.

Auto insurance companies take money, and when the insurance is need, the company drops you faster dealer flushing pills down the toilet.

Everyone seems to be worried about all the high profile and popular conspiracies and scams. We deal with scammers like the insurance companies much more regular. Scammers like the dirty whore insurance company has much more influence over our lives that some alien walking around in a meat suit.

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