I Broke the Candle

I went to bed late one night recently and I broke a candle. Yes, for a few hours previous to shattering the candle into tiny pieces, I drank a lot of beer. When entering the bedroom, My drunk ass stumbled while attempting flip the light switch and knocked the candle on the floor.

The act of breaking the candle sent me into a rage. I yelled “fuck”, “goddamn this bullshit”, and many other choice words over and over.

While yelling and throwing shit around the room in anger, I grabbed a broom and dust pan and attempted to clean up all the shards of glass. From the bedroom to the hallway I swept. (Well, at least I made an effort in my drunken mind. Although seeing the damage the next morning I really did not do that great of a job sweeping, and that was no surprise.)

The candle had meaning to me. It was a custom made candle with a picture of a loved one. It was a simple object with a certain meaning.

After this incident I gave the entire situation some thought. Why the fuck did I get so tore up over it all?

The conclusion I came to was simple. The candle was a sentimental object that represented a feeling or connection to the person that it represented. When the candle broke, in my mind somehow that meant that the connection to the person was also broken.

My line of thought surrounding the candle was a crazy basket of bullshit. I put my connection to a person into an object. There was nothing logical or truth based with such thoughts.

Looking at this in a larger scale, why do people hold to objects with such vigor? Why do we use objects to represent our connection to loved ones? It’s completely fucking crazy.

My conclusion was simple: objects should have no sway over connections, relationships, and feelings toward people.

Stop worrying over goddamn sentimental objects, because they are nothing more than objects, and continue to grow and keep those important connections with loved ones.

When all of us take a dirt nap, no one will remember objects. Our loved one will only remember the feelings.

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