380 Auto Is Enough

This is just a quick thought about something on my mind. In the world of concealed carry, I have heard much debate about a 380 Auto not being enough firepower for self defense.

My thoughts on this debate are very simple: it’s a pile of steamy horse shit, and I do not feel under armed when carrying a 22 pistol much less a 380 Auto.

I am not going to get into all the specs around the 380 Auto, there are probably thousands of videos about it on YouTube.

It’s fucking nonsense to assume that a 380 Auto cannot stop an attacker. I don’t care who the attacker maybe, find me fattest methed out piece of street trash, and even he can be brought down.

Anyone who tries to debate me about the 380 Auto, I always ask one question. “If you don’t believe the 380 is sufficient enough to bring someone down then come running at me?” No one ever does.

Don’t be the asshole who underestimates the firepower of a 380 Auto, or the ability of a marksman.

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