The Squat

I will be the first to admit I don’t understand a lot of the fads that pop up around the country, and for me the Carolina Squat is no different. I really don’t understand that bullshit.

When I first head the term “Carolina Squat”, I was taking with a friend. My first thought was, “What the fuck is that, some dude from South Carolina squatting in the woods taking a shit or something.” My second thought was must have been some “new fucking dance craze.” I was wrong on both.

Apparently, it described what I was already starting to see. All these damn trucks driving around with only the front wheels lifted up.

Out of nowhere, everywhere I went I saw trucks driving around as if they are hauling an invisible load of dirt, mulch, or stone, in the bed of their trucks.

This is shit I don’t understand. First off, it looks ridiculous. Secondly, if you want your truck to appear as if it’s being used for its intended purpose how about you use your truck to actually haul shit.

I have questions as to the character of the person who does this to his truck. It must be the type of guy that has threesomes with other dudes. The guy must lower his ass for one dude and raise his head to get his mouth around another dude.

If you are a truck squatter don’t go cry when you read this. It’s a joke. However, for the love of god either leave your truck the way it came or jack the whole thing up.

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