Screw Cars

To begin, yes I ride a motorcycle and love every moment. I have rode in the hot sun, and I have rode in the coldest of weather. I have rode through the down poor of rain. There isn’t much weather that I have not rode through while on two wheels.

Below I am going to list my top five reasons why motorcycles are better than cars.

1. Motorcycles are cheaper than cars. If you like blow your money on cocaine and hookers, no worries just get a motorcycle.

2. Motorcycles are faster than cars. Next time you are running from the cops in your car, just remember how much faster your dumbass would be on a motorcycle.

3. Motorcycle riders are generally safer than car drivers. While on a motorcycle, it’s eye opening to see how many fucktards use their phones while driving their cars.

4. Motorcycles are much more fun. An easy comparison of motorcycles versus cars: Driving a car is like jerking off, while riding a motorcycle is like banging your crush.

5. Motorcycle brings freedom. There is nothing more free than riding down the road on a motorcycle. If you want to know what that feeling is like, then take your thumb out of your car sitting ass and get on a motorcycle.

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