Just a Limb From a Tree

The world holds a vast variety of trees, for many are tall, short, thick, and slender. Some trees are thick with leaves, and some are void of all but bark. Our dreams and aspirations are no different. Dreams and aspirations are as diverse as the variety of trees. I know for some, an aspiration can […]

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Water Down the Drain

Water goes down the drain. Maybe you like to pour beer down the drain, even though you should be smacked for such a sin, you enjoy doing it anyway. Maybe you like to piss down the drain, but whatever the substance, down the fucking drain it goes. Just as water goes down the drain, so […]

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Guns and Pussy

Fair warning, if you need to go to your safe space then by all means go now. I don’t want to hear any whinny bitch ass bullshit, although I know I will, so bring it on. Owning a gun is like a vagina. There is nothing better than a sweet wet pussy during sex. All […]

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Shit From A Forklift

If anyone is expecting to hear about how I took a shit from a forklift, or for that matter, if anyone else taken a shit from a forklift, then I hate to disappoint. I, nor anyone I know, has ever taken a shit from a forklift. If anyone has I would love to hear about […]

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